Business Assistance

The New 9th Business Resource Center and the Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation provide technical assistance to small businesses seeking to grow and sustain their business operations.   They are available to assist you with preparing proposal resources, obtaining financing, marketing and planning.  Click below to visit their websites:

I.     Clean Streets

The budget includes funding to hire a team to manage graffiti removal, rubbish removal from the streets, power wash the sidewalks and to coordinate bulky item removal.

II.     Community Safety Ambassadors:  See Below for RFP Information

Just like Downtown, Central Avenue will have safety ambassadors patrolling the District on bikes, greeting patrons and distributing brochures about businesses and events, helping patrons find the businesses and services they need and coordinating security efforts with property owners and the LAPD.  The goal is to hire a company to retain a team of Ambassadors that can not only promote a safe environment, but also welcome patrons to Central Avenue

III.     Security Monitoring Program

We can use the new WiFi system installed on Central Avenue to install wireless security cameras on buildings to cover the sight lines on the Corridor in order to monitor activity.   Projected for installation in August 2016.

IV.     Branding Program

Cultural and historical brand identification will include creation of marketing logos, collateral and video promos about Central Avenue and street signage.  The BID will promote businesses, sales and events through quarterly brochures, its website and social media pages. Funding will also be provided for 3-5 business promotion events per year. Branding strategy has commenced. New website will launch in March. 

V.     Parking Demand Management

Assessment of available parking on existing sites and vacant lots to facilitate the creation of additional parking spaces.  An annual parking and business directory map will be created.  Projected to commence in September 2016.

VI.     BID Management Services

The CAHD board of directors will oversee the management of the BID's operations and retain consultants to promote and develop the Central Avenue Historic District brand and provide business development assistance to property owners and tenants.  The search for team members will commence in April with the goal to have services in place by July 2016.   The formation consultant, Urban Design Center, is serving as the interim BID manager.

Bidder and Vendor Registration

A mandatory pre-bid and walk through meeting for this Safety Ambassador Request for Proposals will be held on April 13, 2016 at 2:00 pm at the Central Avenue Historic Business Improvement District (BID), 4301 S. Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90011.

 Responses to this RFP are due and must be received by 4:00 pm PST on May 4, 2016. Late submissions will not be accepted. Please email or hand‐deliver your proposal to:

Central Avenue Historic

Business Improvement District (BID)
4301 S. Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90011

If you have any questions, please contact:

Urban Design Center at 323-230-7070 or

District Programs & Services March 2016