The Safety Ambassadors commenced work on September 26, 2016 with the following initial focus to mobilize their efforts:


  1. Safety Concerns: Document safety concern input from business and property owners.​
  2. LAPD and CPAB: Meet with the LAPD Newton Division and the Community Police Advisory Board to debrief on district safety issues.
  3. Security Services: Obtain contact information for the existing security services property and business owners have in place to share information with them and coordinate efforts as needed.
  4. Security Cameras: Create a list of properties that currently have security monitoring systems and document the type of systems installed. CAHD will utilize this information to assess the coverage and type of cameras needed on the Corridor.
  5. Vacant Buildings: Document vacant spaces and those that are for sale or lease, have broken windows or appear to attract undesirable activity. The Business Liaison team will contact the property owners to offer help in getting the spaces occupied or cleaned up.
  6. Property & Business Information Sheets: Prepare Property and Business Information forms for each business and property, including vacant properties, to assist with the development of the District database and marketing outreach.
  7. Mailing List: Ask residents and visitors to sign-up to received promotional information about Central Avenue Businesses.
  8. Information: Distribute CAHD information cards to all businesses and promotion materials to visitors on the Corridor.

Affinity Marketing Strategies

Central Avenue Jazz Festival CAHD sponsored a tent at the 21st Annual Central Avenue Jazz Festival facilitated by The New 9th, the Coalition of Responsible Community Development and Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles on July 30th and 31st.  Hosting a tent at the festival facilitated CAHD’s initial effort to promote Central Avenue as a Historic Cultural & Urban Enterprise Corridor that has hosted a wealth of experiences and development over the past 100 years and to capture testimony of festival goers through a 2-day live taping.  

Movie Night Under the Stars was a CAHD sponsored program in conjunction with Central Avenue’s Church Minesterios Judá located on 23rd Street and Central. Every Wednesday evening in the month of August Central Avenue community members came out with lawn chairs and blankets to enjoy outdoor, family-friendly selection of movies.

The movies were projected on the church’s 15-foot tall inflatable screen and each screening was accompanied with an appetizing selection of free food, snacks, drinks and desserts all purchased on Central Avenue. CAHD would like to extend a gracious thank you to all those who assisted in any capacity toward making this program such a success. We want to send a special thanks to Colima’s Party Supplies who provided tables and chairs; Las Alondra’s Bakery and Lario’s Bakery for pizza and pastries; and Superior Grocers, Family Farms Market for fresh produce and food items.  

​Central Avenue Businesses Delivered for the Thomas Jefferson High School 100th Anniversary Pre-Centennial Meet & Greet on August 27th at the Historic Dunbar Hotel! Check out the photos below to view the businesses that provided food and services for the event.  

Call the CAHD office at (323) 230-7070 for information on Central Avenue businesses that can meet your event needs

District Programs & Services Update - 3rd Quarter 2016

The Ambassador Program Commenced September 26, 2016!