Established in 2016

Central Avenue Historic Business Improvement District (CAHD)

Central Avenue Historic Business Improvement District (CAHD) is a Property Based Business Improvement District in the City of Los Angeles authorized to operate for a period of 5 years which commenced January 1, 2016.  It comprises 130 property owners and 188 individually assessed parcels of land totaling 1.56 miles on Central Avenue between the south side of Vernon Avenue and the south side of Washington Boulevard as well as on the side street frontages of the corner properties. 

CAHD provides continued improvements in compliance with the City of Los Angeles City Clerk guidelines.  Each program is designed to meet the goals of the District; to improve safety and cleanliness and increase building occupancy within the District, to attract more customers to District businesses, to encourage new business development and attract ancillary businesses and services for parcels within the District.  Currently, CAHD provides improvements and activities, including:

  • Clean Streets Services Team,
  • Safety Ambassadors,
  • Parking Demand Management Services
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Community Engagement Events


mission & vision



 In recognition and appreciation of the important history, rich culture, and diverse businesses, residents and visitors in the Central Avenue Historic District, the stakeholders envision a thriving, healthy and attractive business and residential district that supports and sustains the kind of neighborhood everyone wants to do business in, live in and visit:  clean, safe, bustling with commerce and positive community interaction; a cultural treasure, an attractive destination, and a place where young people can grow up safe and strong, where businesses can prosper, and where we honor the past, invest in the present, and manifest a bright and beautiful future. 


 Through mutual cooperation, forward thinking, and timely action, the stakeholders of the Central Avenue Historic District are committed to investing in ongoing thoughtful improvement and development of the neighborhood; and initiatives that promote and sustain cleanliness, safety, aesthetic beauty and continuity, cultural richness and diversity, environmental health, and an overall atmosphere of well-being that is inclusive and invites prosperity, community involvement, and positive interaction among all peoples. 

Board of directors

Clent Bowers, President

Bowers Retail Complex  

Jhonny Vera, Vice President

All Famous Barber Shop   

Yolande Bankston, Secretary

Second Baptist Homes 

Erica Castillo, Treasurer

Dunbar Village 

Jerrel Abdul Salaam, Member

 Masjid Bilal Islamic Center   

Mark Wilson, Member

Coalition for Responsible Community Development

Noreen McClendon, Member

Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles

Monica Mbeguere, Member

Alfred Smith Property